Yaohua XK3190 A12E Digital weight Scale 150kg

Digital Platform Scale 150kg A12e Yaohua, 1Set

৳ 14,000.00

  • Yaohua XK3190 A12E Digital weight Scale 150kg with Stainless Steel Cover Plate
  • Capacity: 150kg
  • Division : 05g/10g
  • Model: A12E
  • Brand: Yaohua
  • Platform size(mm):   400 x 500

High precision A/D conversion with readability 1/3000 ,A/D conversion speed: 10 times/sec -Division: 1/2/5/10/20/50

Anti-vibration software
Applied in platform scale, floor system equipped with Single load cell.
Use inner code to replace weight observing and analysis tolerance
Zero-tracking, Zero range setup
Setup digital filter intensity, range and stable time
Counting function with unit data save protection in case of power off
Alarm for low battery and auto power off when low battery
Display: LED,7 status indications
Optional interface RS232C serial communication
Power supply: AC/DC power supply, with built-in rechargeable DC 4V/4AH battery



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