Truck Scale Load Cell Zemic, Shear Beam Load Cell 40t

৳ 15,000.00

Shear Beam Truck Scale Load Cell Zemic 40t (1Set)



Truck Scale Load Cell, Shear Beam Load Cell

Capacity: 40t

Model: HM9B

Brand: Zemic

Origin: China

Products specification of HM9B:

  • 1.HM9B load cell are available in the capacities 10t to 50t.
    2.Alloy steel construction, nickel plated , hermetically welded, oil-proof, waterproof  and anti-corrosive gas and medium making, it suitable for all kinds of environments.
    3. Dual shear beam Suitable for electronic truck scales railway scales and other electronic weighing devices.
    4. It is safety and anti explosion product that can be used in atrocious weather and hazardous areas.

OIML shear beam load cell Specifications

ApprovalsOIML R60 C3
Maximum number of
verification intervals
n max100020003000500010000
Minimum load cell
verification interval
v minEmax/3000Emax/5000Emax/7500Emax
Combined error(%FS)≤±0.050≤±0.030≤±0.020≤±0.026≤±0.050
Temperature effect
on sensitivity
Temperature effect
on zero


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