Thermo Paper Strip or Temperature Strips

IBE Thermopaper Strip for temperature observation 50 Pcs/Pkt.

৳ 1,600.00

The IBE Thermo Paper is used to observe temperature accurately of irons and fusion pressure.

These graded levels show temperature accurately by changing its color into black with an increase of temperature. It is very easy to use.

The Thermo paper strip is a part and parcel of the textile sector. It is used for the heat treatment of yarn and fabrics. Such as for spandex fabrics: stretching is controlled upon temperature. Textile engineers calculate the required temperature for heat treatment to get exact stretching. Most often production house faces a problem that the furnace shows temperature accurately but the fabric doesn’t reach that temperature. In this case, thermopaper is used.

Single temperature IBE Thermo paper non-adhesive indicators provide a faster response time and are for use when a clean and dry test surface is available.

Temperature Strips consist of a temperature-sensitive element that produces a non-reversible white to a black color change at the rated temperature.

The non-adhesive indicators are available in packages of 50 strips each.

Features of Thermal Temperature Paper:

  • Thermo paper
  • High quality
  • Machine Heat and temperature reader


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