Testfabrics AATCC Crocking Cloth

AATCC Crocking Cloth 1000 Pieces Box

৳ 2,500.00

Colorfastness to crocking:  Manual crock-meter, Electronic crockmeter, Rotary vertical crockmeter method. The fabrics can be dry or wet with water or other liquids are available. Brand: TestfabricsOrigin: USA
It can be used in colorfastness to the crocking test of textile fabrics in dry or wet, with rubbing cloth.

AATCC Crockmeter Test Cloth

Cut in 50 mm squares (2″ X 2″ Straight Edges) pieces from AATCC Standard Crockmeter White Cloth. Specially designed 5 small easy to use boxes of 200 pieces in each 1000 piece box. Certificate of Conformity and Detailed Test Report inside each box.
In the year 1936, AATCC Test Method 8 and others calling for Crockmeter Test Cloth was developed using the crockmeter test cloth ‘solely’ provided by Testfabrics, Inc. During 75+ years of continuous supply, there have been continuous product improvements based on decades of customer feedback worldwide resulted in making it “the first choice” of leading labs around the globe. Click for more details


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