Sterilizer (Infrared) 300~830°C ST800-SA DLAB USA

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Temp. range [°C]: 300~830
Max temp. [°C]: 825±50
Mdoel: ST800-SA
Brand: DLAB
Country: USA

৳ 38,000.00


DLAB sterilizers are fast, convenient and can replace alcohol lamps and bunsen burners

Sterilization is completed within 5-7 seconds

Very safe to operate with no visual fire. It is only ashing the organic matter in the depths of ceramic heating body and preventing cross contamination LED display of actual temperature with temp control accuracy of 10°C

These can be used in biology safety cabinets and clean bench space

Precise temperature control precision and adjustable from 300 – 830°C

Heating zone angle adjustable(ST800-SA/EA)

Optional bracket support for inoculating loop or inoculated needles instead of holding them by hand


Temperature range [°C]300~830
Central zone max temperature [°C]825±50
The heating zone adjustable angle0-40°
Max. outer diameter of sterilized items [mm]15
The total length of heating area [mm]140
Heating tubeCeramic
Dimensions [LxWxH] (mm)180x120x186
Voltage[V]220V, 50/60Hz
Working temperature [°C]-10~40
Working humidity [% RH]<80
Storage temperature [°C]-40~60
Storage humidity [% RH]10~90


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