Stearic Acid Rubber Grade Palmac Malaysia

Stearic Acid 1 Bag (25 Kg Per Bag)

৳ 3,750.00

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Malaysia PALMAC Brand Stearic Acid Rubber Grade for Paint Industries or PVC Ceiling Board

  • Product name: Stearic acid 1801
  • Appearance: White granule
  • Melt point: 57℃-68℃
  • Iodine value: ≤4
  • Volatile component: ≤0.5%
  • Suited for PVC processing。
  • In PVC processing work as low temperature lubricant。
  • No foreign smell and non-toxic.
  • EINECS coding:200-815-3
  • Molecular formula:(C2H4)n
  • CAS coding: 9002-88-4

Stearic acid 1801 Application: In Paint Industries & PVC processing, add a small quantity of steric acid1801 can improve liquidity and decrease melt pressure, along with adding amount it work as external lubricant.


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