Standard Kjeldahl Block Digestion Systems, SBS 800

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Temp.-control range: up to 450 °C
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Model.: SBS 800
Brand: Foodalyt
Country: Germany


The Micro and Standard Kjeldahl Block Digestion Units
FoodALYT MBS and SBS allow heating samples in the
suitable digestion tubes. They are particularly used for
quantification of total protein by nitrogen determination acc. to Kjeldahl.
The block digestion systems are equipped with a corrosion-resistant block casing made of stainless steel. They
are equippable with 8 or 20 standard Kjeldahl digestion
tubes of either 250 or 400 ml. The Micro Kjeldahl systems
FoodALYT MBS are designed for small quantities. They
are available with 16 or 40 tubes of 100 ml.
With FoodALYT we provide experienced and practicable
systems – made in Germany – with a balanced cost-benefit
ratio. All products are conform and certified.
• Extremely simple and fast programming per
 one-button operation.
• Menu designed in various languages.
• 10 freely configurable programmes for block
 temperature and digestion time.
• Applications storable.
• High power heater and extraction hood with exhaust
gas collector.
• Digestion vessels 100, 250 and 400 ml.
• RS 232-interface.
Field of Application:
FoodALYT MBS 160: For a small number of samples and
 low sample volumes.
FoodALYT MBS 400: For a small number of samples and
 low sample volumes.
FoodALYT SBS 800: For a small or average number
 of samples.
FoodALYT SBS 2000: For a large number of samples.
Technical Data:
Mains supply: 230 V, 50 Hz
Temperature-control range: up to 450 °C, digitally adjustable
Time-setting range: 0 to 999 minutes, digitally adjustable
Programmes: 10
Display: LCD
Interface: RS232
Items Supplied:
All Block Digestion Units are delivered as complete systems,
including digestion vessels, rack and extraction hood.


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