Spectrophotometer VIS photoLab® 7100 – WTW

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Wavelength: 320-1100 nm
Lamp: Wolfram-Halogen
Mdoel: photoLab® 7100
Brand: WTW
Country: Germany

৳ 430,000.00


All in one – one for all!
photoLab® 7100 VIS von 320 – 1100 nm offers the unique combination of systematic and spectral analysis in this class of spectrophotometers: Multi-purpose meters for the use from water analysis and wine industry to research and education. Well-proven and liked is the user guidance even for complex tasks. The brilliant HD color display supports menu-guided operations additionally with colored information and messages. 

• Barcode support and automatic cuvette recognition
• Standard methods such as UVT, SAC, coloration or chlorophyll
• Multi-level AQA
• Comprehensive programming opportunities
Routine at it’s best
photoLab® 7100 VIS supports fast and affordable routine analysis via barcoded test kits for round and rectangular cuvettes. More than 250 methods are available for waste/drinking water, food & beverage industry as well as production, environmental monitoring or fish farming:

• Easy to use: place cuvette, read measurement value
• More than 250 test programs for water analysis, galvanics and general lab analytics
• Cell and reagent test kits with barcode for automatic program selection
• Automatic cuvette and measurement range detection for rectangular cuvettes
• Top reliability due to menu guided comprehensive Analytical Quality Assurance – AQA
• Measurement “Light” on the road with car battery use
• USB and Ethernet-connections for easy update, print to PDF or printer, storage and data export

From Food to Science

Special procedures for environmental and food parameters such as chlorophyll can be executed handy and clearly arranged due to an excellent menu guidance:
• Programmed multistep- and multiwavelength methods
• Comprehensive programming options for user defined requirements
• Spectra and Kinetics measurements
• Training of basics and modern photometry in education

photoLab® color: Color measurement instead of color perception

Color determination by means of photometric measurement has increased the accuracy and comparability in general compared to subjective perception of visual color measurement procedures. Color measurement is essential for many applications: from water analysis to food & beverage and quality control in production processes. Color values being a quality factor mostly lie within a certain user-specific tolerance range.

With photoLab® 7000 / 6000 Series and the optional PC-software photoLab® color common measurement procedures can be performed in a handy and neatly arranged way.


Wavelength Range320 – 1100 nm
OpticsMonochromator with Grating and step motor / reference beam
DisplayFarbdisplay 7″ backlit
Bandwidth4 nm
MeasurementConcentration, Absorbance, % Transmission, Kinetics and Spectra in Abs or  %Transmission, Multiwavelengths and multistep readings
Scan speed700-2000 nm/min,  Scans in 1, 2, 5, 10 nm steps of wavelength range
Wavelength accuracy/reproduceability± 1 nm / < 0,5 nm
Photometric accuracy/reproduceability– 0,003 E for E < 0,600; 0,5% of values for 0,600 < E < 2,000
Photometric linearity< 1 % for A ≤ 2.000 in the range 340 … 900 nm
Straylight< 0,1 %T at 220 nm with NaI, < 0.05 % transmission at 340 and 408 nm with cut-off filter
BarcodeAutomatic method recognition including measurement range for all cuvette
Cuvette16 mm round, rectangular 10 mm, 20 mm, 50 mm with automatic cell detection for automatic measurement range setting
Data storage5000 meausrement values, spectra and kinetics approx. 40 MB => 500 spectra (300-900 nm) and 400 kinetics with 150 measurement values,
Methods and Profiles> 250 pre-programmed methods, 1000 user-defined methods, profiles for kinetics and spectra, comprehensive programming options
Interface / Update1 USB-A, 1 USB-B, 1 Ethernet / Update via Internet and USB-Stick
IP ClassIP 30 including drainage in optical compartment
Power SupplyUniversal power supply, optional supply via standard adaptor cable for car batteries
Temperature RangeOperation: +10°C bis +35°C, Storage: -25°C bis +65°C
Weight / Dimensionsapprox. 4,5 kg / 404 x 197 x 314 (BxHxT)
AccessoriesPC software photoLab® Data spectral+photoLab® color, field case, checking tools for AQA


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