Schroder GSM Balance 200gm

Schroder GSM weight Balance 1 Pcs

৳ 13,000.00

A balance to perform simple weighing tasks, suitable for factory or laboratory use. When used in conjunction with the fabric, GSM Circular cutter are weight in g/m2 or oz/yd2 can be obtained. Germany brand, easy operation and economically.


Bult-in four display units : GSM/gm2

Max.Capacity                         : 200g X 0.01 gm

Platfrom size                          : Diameter 100 mm. Completed with plastic wind shield.

Packing size                             : 26 x 17 12, weight.  1.2 kg 12V AC – 150 mA Adapted or 6 x AA Batteries.

Country of Origin                 : Germany.


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