RAEL Nickel Test Kit 100 Tests Per Box

Nickel Test Kits 100 Tests with Money Back Guaranty

৳ 2,250.00

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RAEL Brand Nickel Test Kits100 Tests Per Box with Money Back Guaranty

  • Laboratory and industrial useable premium quality low prices Nickel test kits.
  • Included REAL AS Solution bottle intake screwcap 30ml 1 Piece
  • Included REAL DMG Solution bottle intake screw cap ( 30ml.e)1 Piece
  • Included Test Vial or Tube (30ml.e) 1 Piece
  • Included 1 Pkt Cotton Strips
  • Manufactured by Maxim Products
  • Made in Bangladesh



  • Store at Room Temperature
  • Keep Container Tightly Closed
  • Harmful if Swallowed Keep out of reach of children


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