Plastic Measuring Cylinder 2000ml PolyLab

৳ 105,000.00


Plastic Measuring Cylinder 2000ml PolyLab

Products: Measuring Cylinder

Capacity: 2000ml

Brand: PolyLab

Origin: India 

Measuring Cylinders Polylab , molded-in Polypropylene are single piece cylinder. These autoclave-able cylinders have raised prominent graduations for easy reading have excellent contact clarity. The broad base provided good stability. This product produces from virgin polypropylene raw materials. 2000 ml measuring cylinder Polylab brand is a very long-lasting and durable plastic cylinder. It gives you accurate measurements and comfortable work. measuring cylinders Polylab are now available with the hexagonal base also. The hexagonal base provides excellent stability to the cylinder whereas the tapered spout works really well while pouring any reagent. AL NOOR SCIENTIFIC CO. is a seller and supplier of PolyLab Plastic Labware in Bangladesh.


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