PH-2 Pro Digital pH Meter with Litmus Test

PH-2 Digital PH Meter, Temperature & Litmus Test Meter 1 Piece

৳ 650.00

PH-2 pro Digital PH Meter Temperature meter water quality tester with PH / Litmus Test Strips function for drinking water

Update Functions:

It can be widely used in test drinking water, swimming pools, fish tank. farmland irrigation, lab, and sewage disposal, and so on. Have PH-2 plus 、PH-2 pro two choices for choose

  • PH-2 Pro with temperature function
  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Calibration Method: 3 points automatic calibration
  • Probe Type: Precision glass bulb electrode
  • Display: LCD Digital with backlight
  • Specifications: Accuracy: 0.01
  • Resolution: 0.01
  • Measuring Range: -2.00-16.00ph PH
  • Operating Temperature: 0-80 ℃
  • Reset function: Turnitin, Press the ON/OFF key for 3 seconds, and then release it. When”—-” appears on the screen, the reset is successful. 2)Automatictemperaturecompensationfunction(ATC)range:0-80 ℃
  • Power-off storage function: The data will be automatically saved after the battery is pulled out and stored for one month.
  • Litmus test function: The backlight color of the LCD display will change according to the pH value, just like PH litmus test Strips.
  • Power Supply: 2*1.5V Batteries (included)
  • Size:155x29x16mm

Digital PH Meter Calibration Tips:

a. Dissolve PH buffer powder in 250ml of distilled water.

b. Clean the electrode in distilled water and turn on the PH meter, then immerse the electrode in PH standard solution.

c. Press the” CAL” button, make the reading equal to standard buffer solution PH 6.86, 4.01, or 9.18.

d. Clean the electrode with distilled water and dry it.


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