Hydraulic GSM Cutter Machine Hongkong

Hydraulic GSM Cutter Machine

Size    : 113mm

Model : CU-268

Brand: Tony Instruments

Origin : Hongkong 1 Nos

৳ 25,500.00

Hand Press CU-268 hydraulic cutter has stainless steel material, textile testing instrument, manual textile fabric swatch cutter, 100 sqm cutting area, 112.84 mm sample diameter, 0.1 mm-10 mm sample thickness, manual operation power, GSM fabric circle hand press sample cutter with a round blade knife, 34 x 34 x 24 cm outer dimensions and Japan origin. Cutting materials are including textile, leather, AL film, carpet, plastic, paper, carbon composite material, and poly-foam board.

NameHydraulic GSM Cutter Machine
Cutting area100 sq cm
Cutting thickness0.1mm-10mm
Machine size40 * 30 * 35 cm
Blade size:Diameter 113mm (100 square centimeters)
Weight9 KG


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