Fume HoodBK-FH700

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Technical Parameters of Fume HoodBK-FH700

Number of  UsersSingle
RatedPower95W (Not including socket load power,  load power cannot exceed 500W)
ExhaustVolume1225 m³/h
Air Velocity0.3m/s~0.8 m/s
LED Lamp4W
Max Opening410mm(Integral Type)
Tabletop Height810mm(Integral Type)
Standard AccessoryLED Lamp, National standard three core splash proof socket,
Optional AccessoryBase Stand, Bench physical and chemical board
Net WeightDesktop Type60kg
Integral Type80kg
Gross WeightDesktop Type78kg
Integral Type100kg

Product origin : CHINA

  1.  The cabinet is designed with a vertical surface, the operation perspective is wide and more humanized;
  2. Made of high quality cold rolled steel plate material, surface electrostatic spraying, with good finish;
  3. The platform panel of the operation area of the fume hood is made of solid physical and chemical plate, which is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion and can be disassembled for easy cleaning (integral type);
  4. The front window adopts 5mm thick tempered glass to better protect the safety of personnel and experiments;
  5. Counterweight manual front window, height adjustable;
  6. The base bracket and fuma castor integrated design, safely moved through the casters, also well fixed and levelled;
  7. Equipped with PP centrifugal fan, large air volume, low noise, long service life, easy installation;
  8. The fan can be stepless speed regulation, the function button is push-button switch, stable performance;
  9. The side of the cabinet body is equipped with lifting handles to facilitate carrying.


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