Fluke 925 Digital Anemometer, Fluke 925 Vane Anemometer

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Fluke 925 Vane Anemometer (1Set)



Fluke 925 Vane Anemometer

Key Features:

  • Ability to measure wind speed in feet per minute or meters per seconds
  • Data capture using one button and the ability to average multiple reading
  • Min and Max alarm setting to alert the user when limits have been met
  • Durable over-mold housing to protect the unit from drops
  • 1 M extension of the sensor from display to ensure airflow is captured in hard to reach locations

Specifications: Fluke 925 Vane Anemometer

Wind speed measurementRangeResolution
0.40 to 25.00 m/s
80 to 4900 ft/m
0.01 m/s
1 ft/m
Air flow measurementRangeResolution
(cubic meter/second)
0.01 to
99.99 m3/s
(cubic foot/minute)
1 to 9999 ft3/m1
Wind temperature measurementRangeResolution
Wind temperature0°C to 50°C0.1°C
Product specification
DisplayDual-screen 4-digit (9999 points) LCD screen
Measurement unitWind speed: ft/m; m/s
Air flow: CMS (m3/s) and CFM (ft3/m)
(cubic foot/minute)
Wind temperature: °C and °F
Data holdingLock the displayed readings
SensorWind speed/air flow sensor: conventional angular vane arm, lubricating ball bearing
Wind temperature sensor: precision thermistor
Minimum/maximum value storage, recording and viewing the minimum reading and maximum reading
Average reading storageSingle point (2 hours at most) or multiple points (8 readings at most)
Auto power-offEnter the sleep mode after 20 minutes (can be disabled) to save power
Power supply9V battery (high capacity alkaline battery)


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