Electrolux T5130 Laboratory Standard Tumble Dryer 130 Ltr.

Laboratory Standard Tumble Dryer 130 Ltr.

Electrolux T5130 130 liter laboratory standard tumble dryer machine with Compass Pro microprocessor. This standard tumble dryer is designed specifically to ensure safe and simple operation. You can dry 2 loads of pure cotton fabric with 50 percent moisture content every hour. You can optimize your economy by using the Residual Moisture Control (RMC) that measures the actual moisture control. The dryer has reversible door hanging for a convenient laundry flow. It has easy access to vital parts from the top and rear for simple servicing. Main specification: Drum volume 130 liter, Drum diameter 575 mm, Rated capacity (filling factor 1:18, kg/lb) 7,2/16, Rated capacity (filling factor 1:25, kg/lb) 5,2/12. Dimensions: Height 850 mm x Width 595 mm x Depth 715 mm. Heat emission (% of installed power, max): 15.


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