EJ-323A Analytical Balance Handk Taiwan

৳ 18,000.00

Description of Electronic Analytical Balance EJ-323A

  • Model: EJ-323A
  • Capacity: 320Gram
  • Division: 0.001Gram
  • Brand: HANDK
  • Origin: Taiwan


  1. Large LCD display
  2. Have g, ct, oz, dwt, ozt, tola, lb, gn, kg, t, gsm, tar, tmr weight units
  3. Be with internal 6V/1.3AH rechargeable battery, and AC-DC alternating dual use
  4. Animal Weighing & counting function
  5. RS232C function (option)
  6. Rear or Remote display (option)
  7. Red or green LED display (option)
  8. Double-lined weight display (option)
  9. Density weighing function (option)


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