Dying Oven 32L SLN-32 (STD) (+5~300℃), Natural Convection

Temp. range: +5~300℃
Natural convection drying oven
Model: SLN-32 (STD)
Brand: Pol-Eko
Country: Poland

৳ 100,000.00

Dying Oven 32L SLN-32 (STD) (+5~300℃), Natural Convection, Pol-Eko Poland


– thermal resistance analysis of building materials
– electronic and electro-technical components
– tests of properties of products subjected to high temperatures
– drying of wires of papermaking machines
– drying of laboratory glass
– general aging and curing
– preheating
– digestion of proteins
– plant tissues drying
– drug metabolism
– paper drying

Technical Specification: 


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