Conductivity Meter Bench Type (EC, TDS, Salinity & Temp.) inoLab® Cond 7110

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Temperature:-5.0-105.0 °C ±0.1 °C
Model.: inoLab® Cond 7110
Brand: WTW
Country: Germany

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Compact, well-equipped conductivity benchtop meter for two and four electrode cells for routine measurements without documentation

•Easy to use
•Wide range of applications with standard and special measuring cells
•Suitable for pure water measurements according to pharmacopeia
The inoLab® Cond 7110 is a routine conductivity meter for the lab with a large display and all functions that make accurate measuring easy. Parameters, such as salinity, sepcific resistance and TDS cover the determination of values that are not measured every day. The connection option of various special measuring cells lets you measure everything from pure water to highly concentrated solutions.

Ø  Easy and intuitive operation
Ø  Measuring range up to 1000 mS/cm
Ø   Including stand and sensor holder
Measuring reliability
Ø  Repeatable measuring results through automatic Auto Read function
Ø  Calibration timer for scheduled monitoring of the conductivity measuring cells
Ø  Precise recording of measuring data through highest quality electronics
Easy and reliable:
Ø  Measures conductivity, TDS and salinity
Ø  Connecting special electrodes is possible
Ø  Linear, non-linear (nlf) and temperature compensation can be turned-off
Technical Specifications:
Model: InoLab® Cond 7110 all values ±1 digit
Conductivity: 0 μS/cm … 1000 mS/cm ±0.5 % of value
Salinity: 0.0 … 70.0 (acc. to IOT)
               0.00 … 20 MOhm cm
TDS: 0 … 1999 mg/l
Temperature: -5.0 … 105.0 °C ±0.1 °C (23 … 221 °F)
Cell constant: 0.450…0.500 cm-1
                         0.09 … 0.110 cm cm-1
                         0.800 to 0.880 cm-1
                         0.25 … 2.5 cm-1, fix 0,01 cm-1
ref: 20 °C/25 °C (68 °F/77 °F)
Temperature compensation: nLF, linear 0.000 to 3.000 %, can be switched-off
a.      Conductivity Electrode Specifications:
Conductivity Electrode/sensor with temperature measurement
Model: TetraCon® 325
Brand: WTW
Country of Origin: Germany
4 electrodes conductivity sensor to be connected to the EcoLine® or QuadroLine® series measuring transmitters via a cable adapter; with integrated temperature sensor.
Technical Specifications:
Measuring range: 1 µS/cm … 2000 mS/cm, 0 °C … 80 °C
Cell constant: K = 0.475 1/cm
Sensor length: 120 mm
Cable length: 1 m
Temperature sensor:


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