Colony Counter ColonyStar Funke-Gerber Germany

Colony Counter ColonyStar Funke-Gerber Germany
Model: ColonyStar
Brand: Funke Gerber
Country of Origin: Germany

৳ 75,000.00

Colony Counter ColonyStar Funke-Gerber Germany

Customising the colour and the brightness makes work easy. A total of 65 colour variations are available using the primary colours. The pressure sensitivity can also be adjusted. Any type of felt-tip pen can be used for marking. Illuminated field of 145 mm Ø with direct and indirect, dazzle-free illumination, matt glass and clear glass disks with 1 cm² and 1/9 m² graduation.

  • The Colour and brightness of the illuminated field are freely adjustable

  • Counting impulse activated by the pressure-sensitive illuminated field

  • Dazzle-free illumination is provided by using the high-output LED


ModelColony Counter ColonyStar
Dish size50 – 145 mm
Electrical230 V/50 Hz
Power supply230 V/ 50 Hz
W×D×H250×230×75 mm
Weight1,7 kg
W×D×H (mm)250×230×75
Weight (kg)1,7


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