Cable Tie 10 inch, 100 Pcs Pack

250mm 100 Pcs Cable Tie 1 Packet

৳ 120.00

Cable Tie – 108 inch x 4mm (4*250mm) 100 Pcs Per Packet

  • White (Natural) Nylon 66
  • 45-Lb Tensile Strength rating
  • 3-inch Maximum Bundle diameter recommended
  • UL Listed
  • 100-Pack bags standard
  • Indoor Cable bundling, routing, and fastening
  • Non-Plenum Applications
Get rid of all the tangled wire mess with our 10″ Standard Cable Ties. These ties have 45 pounds of tensile strength and tail finger grips for easier handling. They make sure cables are securely tightened using an advanced pawl and teeth design. Ties are available in white colors and sold in packs of 100.


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