BOD System OxiTop®-i IS 6 & TS 608/G 2-i

Pressure range (hPa): 500 to 1250
Model: OxiTop®-i IS 6
Model: TS 608/G 2-i
Brand: WTW
Country: Germany

৳ 500,000.00

BOD instrument for self-check with 6 measuring units, with direct display of the BOD value at the measuring head, universal power supply 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz; accessories. 6 OxiTop®-i measuring heads (3 x blue and 3 x grey), menu-operated, with backlit graphic LCD, control LED, operating buttons, for direct BOD readings, volume pre-selection, measurement duration between 1 and 7 days selectable, display of measuring curve, display of current readings.
Thermostatic cabinets by Xylem Analytics WTW are excellent choices for respirometric measurements with OxiTop® systems. In a specified temperature range, they yield a deviation of ±0,5 K in relation to the set temperature and can be adjusted in steps of 1° C. The heating with the radial blower for constant temperature is equipped with sockets for the stirring platforms. The thermostatic cabinets are available in three sizes. The Incubator cabinet TS 608/2-i is suited for 2 BOD OxiTop® systems (12 standard bottles each), needs a power supply 230 VAC, 50 Hz.
Technical Specifications of BOD Analyze
Model: OxiTop®-i IS 6
Pressure range (hPa): 500 to 1250
Selectable duration (days): 1 to 7
Selectable sample volumes (ml): 22.7; 43.5; 97.0 ; 164 ; 250 ; 365 ; 432
BOD measuring range: 0 to 4000 mg/l
Display: LCD grahic, backlit, menu controlled
Indicator LED: RGB
Battery: 1 x CR 2450
Order Informations:
Model: OxiTop®-i IS 6
Order No: 208260
Description: BOD instrument for self-check with 6 measuring units, with direct display of the BOD value at the measuring head, universal power supply 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz; accessories
To incubate samples at a constant, desired temperature during the reaction period, a thermostat cabinet is necessary. WTW offers thermostat cabinets in various sizes with a variably adjustable temperature range of 10°C-40 °C (50 °F-104 °F) and a power supply of 230 V/50 Hz. Temperature accuracy lies at ±1 °C deviation from the set temperature. Because the samples must be stirred, the thermostat cabinets
are fitted with internal power sockets. 2-4 shelves are available, according to the thermostat cabinet size, thus enabling simultaneous temperature control of up to
48 standard BOD samples or 4 IS 12 or IS 6-Var stirrer platforms. The largest model, TS 1006-i is especially suited for special applications, as the space between the 4 shelves allows for 1.5 l vessels or flasks with side nozzles. The sizes TS 608/2-i aTS 608/4-i are available with transparent insulating glass doors and are especially suited for use with the OxiTop® Control system. Data can be recalled through the closed glass door, to avoid temperature fluctuations caused by opening the door.
Technical Specifications of Thermostat Cabinet (BOD Incubator):
Model: TS 608/G 2-i
Shelves: 2
Number of Samples: 2 x 12 BOD standard
Glass door: Yes
Temp. control range +10 °C  +40 °C (50 °F  104 °F) ±1 K; adjustment interval: 1 °C
Ambient temperature Operation: +10 °C … +32 °C (50 °F … 89.6 °F) (Climate class SN); Storage: -25 °C … +65 °C (-13 °F … 149 °F)
Gross contents: 180 L
Dimensions (H x B x D) outside: 850 x 620  x 600mm
Dimensions (H x B x D) inside: 734 x 513 x 433mm
Weight: 37 Kg


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