Bismuth Sulphite Agar (BS), 500gm HiMedia, India

  • Bismuth Sulphite Agar (BS)
  • Pack Size: 500 gm
  • Brand: Hi-Media
  • Made in India

৳ 6,480.00

Bismuth Sulphite Agar (BS) for selective isolation of Salmonellae from feces, urine, sewage, and other materials.

Intended Use:
Recommended for selective isolation and enumeration of Salmonella species from food samples. The composition and performance criteria of this medium are as per specifications laid down in ISO 6579-1:2017.


  • Enzymatic digest of animal tissues meat: 10.00 Gms/ltr.
  • Extract: 5.00 Gms/ltr.
  • Dextrose: 5.00 Gms/ltr.
  • Disodium Hydrogen phosphate anhydrous: 4.00 Gms/ltr.
  • Ferrous sulfate anhydrous: 0.300 Gms/ltr.
  • Bismuth sulfite indicator: 8.00 Gms/ltr.
  • Brilliant Green: 0.025 Gms/ltr.
  • Agar: 20 Gms/Litre
  • Final pH (at 25°C): 7.7±0.2 Gms/ltr.


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