Analytical Balance 3 Digit CY 423C ACZET, USA

Model: CY 423C

৳ 65,000.00

Description of Analytical Balance 3 Digit CY 423C ACZET, USA

  • Sprit leveling: Balances have adjustable feet fro maintaining / providing uniform level.
  • The Briliant Mono-Tech: Unique & Unequalled high end MONO-TECH technology (Weigh Sensor) to match the highest international standards.
  • Easy Data Transfer: Interface RS 232C Optional USB (Windows direct communication).
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility: Metal housing eliminates the effects of thunderstorms or electromagnetic inter-ference from other equipments.
  • Power Saving Mode: Auto zero tracking
  • Overload Protection: Capacity tracker built into display for easily monitoring possible overloads.
  • Excellent Readability: High-contrast, backlit display 15mm digits size is exceptionally easy to read under any room lighting conditions.
  • GLP: Built-in clock make all your documents ISO / GLP / GMP compliance.
  • Anti-theft device: Balance are equipped with a lug for optional anti-theft device. The anti-theft device (cable with lock) is suitable for all models.
  • Statistics: This smart feature enables the user to obtain the statistics of the data stored in the scale including details such as number of readings, minimum value, maximum value, standard deviation, difference and Coefficient of variance.


Standard Level ModelCY 123CY 223CY 323CY 423CY 513CY 723CY 1003CY 2003CY 3003
Capacity120 gm220 gm320 gm420 gm510 gm720 gm1000 gm2000 gm3000 gm
Readability0.001 gm0.001 gm0.001 gm0.001 gm0.001 gm0.001 gm0.001 gm0.001 gm0.001 gm
Repeatability (SD)0.001 gm0.001 gm0.001 gm0.001 gm0.001 gm0.001 gm0.002 gm0.003 gm0.003 gm
Linearity(+/-)0.002 gm0.002 gm0.002 gm0.002 gm0.002 gm0.002 gm0.005 gm0.005 gm0.005 gm
Tare Range (Subtractive)-120 gm-220 gm-320 gm-420 gm-510 gm-720 gm-1000 gm-2000 gm-3000 gm
Minimum Load20 mg
Minimum Sample Wt. As per USP1gm to 2gm
Minimum Wt. As per (U=1%, SD=2)0.1 gm to 0.2 gm
Pan Size (MM / Inch)110mm Ø128 x 128 mm
Response Time2 – 3 Sec.
DisplayAlpha Numeric LCD Backlite Display with A.E.P. / Touchscreen Display
CalibrationAutomatic External Calibration
Units of Measuregm, mg, ct, GN, mo, oz, dwt, t1T, t1H, t1S, mom, Bat, MS
Operating Temp.15º to 30ºC
Sensitivity Drift.± 2ppm (2 x 10 / ºC)
Application ModesPCS, % Weighing, Animal / Dynamic Weighing Check Weighing,
Automatic Density, Determination, Formulation Automatic Statistic Calculator etc.
Power SupplyA/C Adaptor 230V or 115V / +/-20% 50-60Hz
ComplianceISO, GLP / GMP USP Compliance
Housing Dim. / Chamber Height (MM)342.5 (W) x 212 (D) x 193.5(H) / 81 (H)
Weight Approx7.5 kg


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