Alcohol Refractometer (0-40%)

Portable 0-40% brix 0-25% Alcohol Refractometer 1 Piece

৳ 1,700.00


Portable 0-40% Brix 0-25% Alcohol Refractometer Tester for Alcohol Brix

Dual Scale: Brix Scale and Specific Gravity Scale

Full range 0 to 40% Brix scale with 0.1% scale division

Sturdy metal body, made of durable Aluminum

Require ambient light source only

Compact design with rubberized grip handle

Adjustable for focus

Heavy-duty & lightweight

Clear display of scales

Soft and flexible eyepiece, superior comfort while viewing

Simple & easy manual calibration

Instant and reliable measurements of aqueous solutions

ATC Compensation Range (i.e. Built-in Automatic Temperature Compensation System) from 10 Degree to 30 Degree


Brix: 0~40%

Alcohol: 0~25%

Wort Specific Gravity: ±1%

Brix: 1 % Brix

Wort Specific Gravity: 0.1

Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC): 10°C~30°C (50°F~86°F)


Step 1 :Place a few drops of the liquid on the main prism.

Step 2:Cover the prism, look through the eyepiece against the light.

Step 3:Adjust the eyepiece to the clear state.

Step 4:You can read the result value on the scale.


Package Included:

1)1 x Refractometer

2) 1 x pipette

3)1 x instruction manual

4)1 x mini screw driver

5)1 x cleaning cloth


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