5 in 1 Soil pH, Water, Moisture Meter, Garden Plants Flowers Moist-tester

৳ 4,200.00

  • Digital Soil Tester
  • 5 in 1 Parameter
    •  Sunlight Intensity
      Soil Acidity or Alkalinity
      Soil Moisture
      Soil Temperature
      Environmental Humidi

      5 in 1 Soil pH Water Moisture Meter Garden Plants Flowers Moist Tester

      This five-in-one soil tester provides a fast, simple, easy, and accurate method for measuring pH and moisture levels in different types of soils.
      Soil pH plays an important role in plant growth and the production of good-quality crops.
      By testing your soil, you determine its conditions so that you can adjust it more effectively and economically to achieve the best results.
      Plants need the right pH level to control how they use nutrients in the soil.
      The change of soil pH value greatly affects the availability of nutrients to crop growth.
      It measures pH values from 3 to 8, indicating acidity and alkalinity, while humidity values from 1 to 8 indicate dryness or wetness of the soil.
      Includes a convenient list of plant care, listing favorites for growing beautiful vegetables, flowers and shrubs, trees, weeds, and fruits. It can also be used in indoor potted plants.

      Reliable and durable.
      Waterproof metal electrode.
      Fast and accurate.
      Determination of pH and humidity in different soils
      Through strict quality and safety standards.
      Suitable for quick pH and moisture reference in vineyards, orchards, field products, nursery planting, lawn maintenance, gardens, and plantations.
      Soil pH is an important factor affecting crop quality. Most crops can not survive in acid or alkaline soils. It is very important to get the correct pH reading for crops.

      Measurement range: 3-8 pH, 1-8 moisture.
      Resolution: ±0.2
      Accuracy: ±0.2 pH (applicable to agriculture and classroom experiments)
      Working temperature: 5~50°C
      Product size: 19*7cm
      Color: Black/Grey
      Packing: color box packaging
      Package size: 290*80*35mm


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